destroy the idea that clothing has gender

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No fucks

Rebel 😎



I don’t think I should ever have kids bc I was thinking about it… And kids always go to sleepover birthday parties and fuck with ouija boards and honestly? If I’m being honest? I’m fine. I don’t need kids

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"Having a low opinion of yourself is not modesty. It’s self-destruction."
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Stop removing my captions lol that’s my dog I’m sure your blog isn’t that important.
talking to my parents as a child: I swear I will never do drugs *is sincere*
talking to my parents now: I swear I will never do drugs *is high*

From the moment I laid eyes on you,
I realized you were so much more then I’d bargained for-
You weren’t simply a chapter,
Or page,
Or sentence,
In this book called my life.
You were, in fact,
From the very start-
Both the begiing and the end,
The one who was made to help me,
Fix my broken heart.


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